Mentor-Protégé Program

The 8(a) Business Development Mentor-Protégé Program is designed to enable successful firms, large or small, to provide various forms of business development assistance to 8(a) BD Program Participants. The goal of the 8(a) BD Mentor-Protégé Program is to enhance the capability of 8(a) Program Participants to be competitive, achieve entrepreneurial success, and contribute to the strength and vigor of our economy.

ORCA and Milender White entered into a Mentor-Protégé Agreement in late 2013.  This agreement was approved by the SBA in December 2013.  See more regarding this partnership at


The purpose of the 8(a) BD Mentor-Protégé relationship is to:

  • Enhance the capabilities of the Protégé (an 8(a) BD Program Participant),
  • Assist the Protégé with meeting the goals established in its SBA-approved business plan, and
  • Improve the Protégé’s ability to successfully compete for contracts.

Benefits of 8(a) BD Mentor-Protégé program

Technical and management assistance

  • The mentor’s expertise, resources, and capabilities are made available to the protégé.


  • Mentors can provide assistance relevant to performance of non-8(a) contracts so that protégé firms more fully develop their competitive capabilities.
  • Mentors can enter into joint-venture arrangements with protégés to compete for, and perform on, certain federal government contracts including small business and 8(a) set aside projects.
  • Mentors can help Protégé with administrative support including business development, seeking and identifying opportunities, bidding, program management, bonding, staffing for projects, accounting, safety, and employee development.

Milender White Construction Co. (MWCC) and ORCA Communications were approved in Dec 2013 by the SBA for a formal SBA Mentor-Protégé partnership.

Our first joint venture agreement is nearing final approval and we are excited to bring together two Native American Owned companies whom both possess a long and successful history of excellence and performance. In addition our corporate cultures match as we both place a premium on safety, integrity, systems and attention to detail. Read More

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  Industrial Building Construction 236210
  Commercial and Institutional Building Construction 236220
  Power and Communications Line & Related Structure Contractors 237130
  Poured Concrete Foundations and Structure Contractors 238110
  Other Foundation, Structure and Building Exterior Contractors 238190